In the distant future, Flashback Films has been taken over by a sinister soda company, and the state of the movie industry is wilder than ever! Robots are replacing the studio’s workforce, and Time Travel is on the cutting edge of moviemaking technology. Jack Taylor (Andrew Ramos), the back lot’s last human janitor, plunges the studio into chaos in order to steal a date with starlet Tiffany Sloane (Alexa Cappiello).

And You Films’ first feature is a trio of filmmakers’ love letter to Hollywood, filled to the brim with satire and heart.

The crazy sci-fi adventure comedy that kicked-off And You Films and brought our initial team together. Filmed entirely on blue-screens and put-together by three guys in their garage!

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Directed by: Brendan Rogers
Written by: Brendan Rogers & Will Phillips
Starring: Andrew Ramos, Alexa Cappiello, Will Phillips, Chris Heidt, John Mondelli, Raymond Cardet, Brendan Rogers
Produced by: And You Films
Distributed by: Vanguard International

Street Date: 6/15/13
Runtime: 100 min

Bonus Features:

  • Making-of Documentary

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Blooper Reel

  • Official Trailer